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From the land of castles

Scotch whisky, often simply called Scotch, is malt or grain whisky made in Scotland. Andy and Drew, the two guys who created this wonderful website, are also made in Scotland. Two friends with a passion for whisky and a dream; a dream that anyone can have a bottle of Scotch they can truly call their own; a dream that has come true.

We want people to enjoy whisky without fear. To explore Scotch and to have fun doing so. Drink whatever you like and however you like it. But drink responsibly, with good company, and with high spirits.

So how is it done?

Simply create your blend by filling the empty bottle with whisky from the seven options available. Each whisky is described in terms of flavour and from this you decide which ones you'd like to use.

Once your bottle is full you can name your whisky and declare yourself as the blender on our handwritten labels. Seriously though, go to town with the name. We have an award-winning bottle called "Yer Aunt Fannie's Cat's Arsehole".

The most important thing is you have fun. Trust your instincts. And enjoy whisky like it's supposed to be enjoyed. Share it.

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